My Heart Hurts

I know the election is real and that a major shift is going to take place, but right now my heart hurts. Right now, in the messiness of ministry, life is hard and my heart hurts.

My heart hurts over marriages that didn’t work. My heart hurts for the dreams of a life that have died. My heart hurts for women having to re-start their lives knowing that the best years of their lives might possibly be past them – or so it feels right now.

My heart hurts for dear friends who have lost parents; even if they knew that the time was drawing near.

My heart hurts for the young women I mentored, two of which just lost loved ones.

 My heart hurts for the young woman who had a strained relationship with her dad, and is now mourning his loss. Trying to find a way to reconcile the pain of loss and the release of a burden all at the same time.

 My heart hurts for the young woman I mentored who has been struggling with finding out who she is now. She is confronting a life that isn’t what she thought it would be.

 My heart hurts for her as she struggles through the sudden loss of her beloved grandfather to COVID. She had the kind of grandpa/ granddaughter relationship that you see in movies, but for her that love was real and tangible. Now it is gone. My heart hurts for her, knowing the numbness that will want to consume her.

My heart hurts for the precious college friend who suddenly lost his mother. Burying her today and knowing with her loss that now he is the generation to lead the family.

My heart hurts for the families (mine included) with relatives and pastors struggling with the ravages of COVID. Knowing that I have a God who can do the miraculous and knowing that He is sovereign and loving even when it doesn’t seem that way.

My heart hurts, still deeply tender, over the loss of my own mentor to cancer in April.

My heart hurts, because the weight that is wearing on so many souls I care about right now. My heart hurts. I know that I am blessed, but in the midst of this all surrounding pain all I feel is pressed.

Dear sovereign, loving, tenderhearted, compassionate, patient, never failing God come over us. Come over me and walk with me. Lead me to the foot of the cross, so I can let go of these burdens. My heart hurts and I come to Your feet to lift up these to you. Fill me with Your fullness so that I can lift up them to You.

2 thoughts on “My Heart Hurts

  1. Well expressed. Often I have lacked the words to express similar feelings in different season of my life. But the One who is Sovereign has seen me through.


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