Running Your Race of Faith

I have had the opportunity over these last few months to be a part of Trillia Newbell’s launch team for her new book Sacred Endurance. Yes, I did receive a free digital copy of the book through Net Galley, but that was just so I could give you my honest opinion of the book.

When I first started reading this book, I was dumbfounded on how real it was to my life, at just that moment. The first few chapters seemed like Trillia was sitting across from me as I discussed some of the difficult things people I cared for were going through at that time. It was so relevant to my life, that I found myself reading the first three chapters out loud to my husband.

I would like to say that after that strong start, that I kept reading this captivating book. However, that wasn’t the case. Life got really busy with community garden work (mowing the grass and putting up produce), school starting back for my boys, and my husband’s job getting crazy busy and I put the book down for a while. It seems very fitting that a book about endurance required me to endure a few things to even get down to the point of reading it.

As I got back to reading the book, I had to hold on to this idea that doing our faith walk can wear us out. Honestly, when you try to do everything you feel like you have to do for God, it is hard. That is why this book was such a point of refreshment for me. Mrs. Newbell reminded me through her narrative that this life of faith is one that we get the privilege of doing through the power of the Holy Spirit, and not through my own strength.

I think that being a pastor’s kid and growing up in church can make you be cynical of things in the church. Trillia Newbell, however, became a Christian as a young adult and she has some great insight into the walk of faith. She looks at things through eyes of faith; eyes that hold on to the beauty of scripture and the promises of God. She can identify those areas where people can be cynical and want to give up on their race of faith.

I was encouraged by reading this book. While I was in the process of reading, I began praying for those in ministry positions around me and praying for good friends going through difficult trials. For some, the trials seem to have passed, while others are still enduring. That is life though, isn’t it? If you are going through a season filled with trials, you hold on to Christ knowing that He is good and will bring about His good. If you are in a season of rest, you need to enjoy that rest and use it as a time of thankfulness to God, because trials will still be heading your way.

Trillia Newbell’s words are powerful, honest, and inspiring. It would make a great book for a leadership team, ministry leader, or anyone else struggling with wanting to endure in the faith when it seems easier to just quit.  

This book comes out November 12, 2019. You need to head over and pre-order from your favorite book retailer.

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