Thoughts on Humility (Part 2)

Pride steals your joy, wrecks your peace, drains your patience, keeps you from being kind or gentle (or at least thinking those things), and pride makes excuses for your lack of self-control. Our sin nature- pride- will give us other things to blame for a fruitless walk with Christ. That is why we need to make the humility of Christ our one desire. We need to be abiding in Christ and then we will bear much fruit.

How Did Zebedee Feel?

This past Sunday at Journey Church Joplin, Pastor Matt spoke about our willingness to follow Christ. He took his message from the passage of scripture about where Jesus calls his first disciples: Peter, Andrew, James, and John. Matthew 4:18-22 captures this moment when Christ’s upside-down kingdom begins. You see, these four fishermen were working and … Continue reading How Did Zebedee Feel?